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Fundations (K-2)

Fundations is a multisensory, structured language program, which provides teachers research-based materials and strategies to provide students an essential comprehensive reading, spelling, and handwriting program. Students receive a systematic program in critical foundational skills, emphasizing:


·   Phonemic awareness

·   Phonics/ word study

·   High frequency word study

·   Reading fluency

·   Vocabulary

·   Comprehension strategies 

·   Handwriting

·   Spelling


ReadyGEN (K-5)

ReadyGEN was designed to meet the demands of the Common Core State Standards and provides an engaging and English Language Arts curriculum for our students. Teachers use authentic texts in Science and Social Studies to model, drive learning and motivate readers. Instruction focuses on reading, writing, speaking, and listening in response to these authentic texts. The progression of complexity of text, within and across grades, facilitates students’ learning of academic vocabulary, close reading and foundational skills, and further deepens content knowledge and comprehension. 


Teacher’s College Writing Workshop (K-5)

At P.S. 463 students are prepared to be lifelong writers. Writing workshop is student-centered where students write frequently, on topics of their own choosing. To develop skills as a writer, teachers serve as experienced writers and model effective writing strategies for students along with a space to have ownership of their own writing. Students receive additional support from a community of fellow learners as they share their writing with one another and provide each other feedback. 


Eureka Math/Engage NY (K-5)

At  P.S. 463 math instruction prepares students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers which are necessary skills to learn and work in the 21st century. Our math classes focus on teaching students why and how mathematical operations work the way they do to build deeper conceptual knowledge and stronger number sense. 

Eureka math is based on the theory that mathematical knowledge is conveyed most clearly and effectively when it is taught in a sequence that follows the “story” of  mathematics. The story of units provides teachers with methods of instruction that drive student understanding to deep mastery of mathematical concepts. 


Amplify Science (K-5)

Amplify Science is a highly engaging curriculum that integrates the latest practices in science teaching and learning, as well as interactive digital tools and hands-on activities, to teach students how to think, read, write, and argue like real scientists and engineers. Each unit of Amplify Science engages students in a relevant, real-world problem where they investigate scientific phenomena, engage in collaboration and discussion, and develop models or explanations in order to arrive at solutions.

Passport to Social Studies (K-5)

This program integrates the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) and the New York State K-8 Social Studies Framework to support strong social studies teaching and learning. This program challenges students to think like historians and encourages them to raise questions, think critically, consider many perspectives, and gather evidence in support of their interpretations through the practice of chronological processing, decision-making, and historical research and analysis. These real-world skills will serve students well as participating citizens of a democracy.


4Rs Curriculum (Reading, Writing, Respect and Resolution) (PK-5)

The 4Rs uses children's literature as a pathway to strengthen students' social, emotional, and academic skills and build a caring classroom community. This program allows children to look more closely at their own experiences, and gives them clear tools for handling difficult emotions and resolving conflict with their peers.

 Dual Language  

The P.S. 463 Dual Language Program is designed to develop students' native language as well as English or Spanish as a New Language proficiency.  The program is currently available in grades Kindergarten through Grade Four.  The Kindergarten and Grades 1 and 2 classes of the dual language program class follow a self-contained 50:50 model. Grades 2-4: Spanish language instruction supports content areas Science and Social Studies.Teachers in the dual language program are highly qualified to teach in both languages and ensure that students receive Spanish language instruction in the academic areas of Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Two to three of the writing units of study are taught in Spanish. Science and Social Studies units are also taught in Spanish with Spanish language materials from National Geographic. The use of both languages for instruction is clearly defined to support the development of oral and written language fluency and content area knowledge. 


Dual language classrooms have libraries to support language and literacy development in both languages (Spanish and English) with leveled text and a range of books in fiction and non-fiction genres to support units of study.  Mathematics (EngageNY A Story of Units), Science (Amplify) and Social Studies (Passport) teacher resources and student materials are available in Spanish and English to support content and second language development. 

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